The trick to freeing up space in Gmail quickly and easily – teach me about science

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Email account for gmail It is one of the most used messengers in the world to formally communicate with our contacts and send important information and various files.

Sometimes the content we share through this platform is very heavy and quickly takes up storage space, adding to the space taken up by Photos, Drive, Calendar, and other tools. Google.

This can be somewhat inconvenient, because by consuming all the available space that Google provides to us for free, it prevents us from receiving or sending new emails, in addition to allowing us to have more storage space by paying a monthly cost, which is What doesn’t happen is sometimes within our reach.

This time we’re sharing some tricks to free up space in Gmail quickly and easily, without having to pay for Google storage.

How do I free up space for my account?

When we create a new Gmail email account, Google gives us 15GB of storage space for free, which is shared with other apps in its ecosystem, such as Drive, Photos, Calendar, Classroom, and others.

Its constant use and the large volume of files we exchange quickly consumes storage space. The right thing to do is to review and delete the heaviest and oldest emails stored in your Gmail account, in order to reclaim space and continue enjoying the free Google service.

How to delete heavier emails from Gmail?

Gmail allows you to quickly filter the emails you store and find those that take up the most storage space. Simply follow these steps:

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1. Access the Gmail platform from your computer.

2. In the search engine at the top of chats, select “Show search options.”

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3. Multiple alternatives will be displayed automatically, but we will focus only on “Size” where we will choose “Greater Than” and in the next space we will put the number of sizes we want to search for, followed by the dimension: “MB” (MB) and select “Search”.

This way, a list of the largest emails will quickly appear, which we can view and delete those that are no longer useful.

How to delete old emails?

Filtering options also let us search for emails in a specific date range and remove older ones. For this option we have to go back to “Show search options” and we will focus only on the “Date range” option, where we can specify the period to search. Once the email list appears we can select it and delete it.

Get rid of “spam” and “trash” emails.

Another way is to delete the emails that appear in the “Spam” box. All you have to do is go to it and click on the “Delete All Spam” option.

In the Trash can, you can tap the Empty Trash Now option and quickly delete all unwanted emails, without having to wait 30 days for them to disappear.

These three tricks will allow you to reclaim space for your Gmail account quickly, just remember to do it frequently to prevent your storage from becoming saturated again and you can continue to enjoy Google apps for free.

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