The tombs of the Knights Templar were discovered a thousand years ago in the UK

It is more than eight centuries old, but it has not yet been discovered. It was discovered by researcher Edward Spencer Dias Various tombs belonging to members of the Knights Templar in an English village church, in one of the “Great National Discoveries” of its kind.

The tombs at St Mary’s Church in Enville, Staffordshire (UK) are more than 800 years old and could change the way the history of the Crusades has been understood until now.

The researcher and historian behind the discovery, Edward Spencer Dias, discovered three 12th-century tombs in the church in 2021, and has since discovered five more. These tombs date back between 260 and 900 years agoIt suggests that the medieval building could be one of the most important temple churches in the country because of its connections to William Marshal, 1st Earl of Pembroke.

The most famous Tumblr

The Marshal is considered the most famous Knight Templar in history and a title frequently “The greatest gentleman in England” From the Middle Ages.

However, Spencer Dias claims they couldn’t find any historical documents to explain their findings, so they’re looking inside the church for answers.

Edward Spencer Dias discovered three of the Temple tombsTwitter Edward Spencer Dias

According to him, the church of Santa Maria in Enville would have been of great importance to the Knights Templar: «This find is confirmed as unique. The oldest Tumblr community in Britain, it keeps records of all Tumblr sitesconfirmed that it has not been registered before.

This result could also indicate that Santa Maria Inville, It could be the original church of the Knights Templarwhich means huge progress in documenting this mysterious military matter.

The scholar also points out the interesting relationship between the Birmingham family and the Church: this family played a pivotal role in the conquest and conquest of western Ireland in the twelfth century. but, The presence of a European Templar tomb in Inville raises questions about the reason for the existence of these knights He existed in that place and in secret.

Cemetery design

The church, on the outskirts of the Black Country, was built in the early 12th century, at a time when the Knights Templar were establishing principles across Britain.

Each of her graves Templar cross inside two circles With a standard Tumblr layout. One of the tombs also contains a crucifix, indicating that the knight was a Knights Templar and a crusader from the ancient military order.

The design of the tombs is typical

At the foot of the same tomb, there is also a Knights’ Cross – a variation of the Jerusalem Cross – which reveals that the unknown knight was part of the The Temple Medal on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Spencer Dias, from Stourbridge, West Midlands, worked with Darius Radmansch to unearth the findings. «I believe that these discoveries make Inville one of the most important churches nationwide in the country (…). But the mystery of why European knights were buried at Enville still remains.

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