The times Lady D and Sarah Ferguson wore it alike

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One of the few allies Lady Di had within the monarchy was her sister-in-law, Sarah Ferguson Wife of Prince Andrew, brother of Charles. In fact, it was Diana who introduced Sarah to her future husband.

Although they both had completely different shapes, styles, and personalities, there were many special occasions where both women coordinated to wear similar looks.

Here are some of the occasions they looked the same


At this 1991 public appearance, they are both photographed in a light ensemble, Sarah in off-white and Diana in white berets, one wearing a gold necklace and the other a pearl necklace.


It is known that one of the trends that Diana loved and put her on the radar were Vichy paintings. For this occasion, Sarah wasn’t jumping on the same trend, but she coordinated with the same pastel pink. Smiling friends stood outside the church in Windsor to celebrate Easter.


It has been almost thirty years since Diana passed away and Sarah still pays tribute to her through her looks. In the eighties, Mrs. D. He showed up at Gatwick Airport, UK, to welcome King Fahd of Saudi Arabia. For the event, he chose a white military/sailor suit, with applications on top.

On June 23 this year, Sarah Ferguson attended a platinum jubilee event with a military-style, only beige, tweed jacket with black applications and gold buttons at the front. Can you spot the similarity?

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