The Ticos that Bonnie protects hope to come home soon

The mayor of Sarapiqui, Vanessa Rodriguez, confirmed to that they are constantly monitoring the different communities to make the decision to return.

But he indicated that it remains to be seen how the climate will behave with the passage of tropical wave 14 that will affect the national territory starting today, with the expectation that if the return does not occur on this day, it will be tomorrow. .

Specifically, preventive work, including the evacuation of people living in high-risk areas, made it possible to reduce the effects of the meteorological phenomenon.

At a press conference on Saturday, President Rodrigo Chavez described these measures as an excellent exercise and an example of how to deal with this type of emergency, thanks to which it did not cause deaths or serious damage.

Recalling his last words that a gram of prevention equals more than a kilogram of cure, Chaves described a great sense of relief because although there was damage and people hurt, this storm didn’t do the damage it would have if it had taken another path.

So now repeat what follows is to act quickly to address the effects of the storm’s passage and among the urgent tasks he mentioned is restoring all electrical services in the affected areas.

Similarly, the president introduced a recount of damages to homes, to determine who would receive state assistance to repair their homes.

The National Emergency Commission recorded 29 incidents of flooding and landslides after Tropical Storm Boni passed.

For his part, the CEO of the National Emergency Committee, Alejandro Picado, explained that during the passage of Boni through the national territory, they recorded 26 incidents due to floods and three cases due to landslides, and reported that 3,536 people were accommodated in 54 centers.

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Picado noted that La Cruz, Liberia, Santa Cruz and Upala were the worst affected places in Pune, while the Minister of Public Education, Anna Catarina, revealed that 440 educational centers had suffered damage of varying size.

On Monday, the president reported an immediate solution to a problem that would allow two temporary bridges to be erected in less than three days to replace two overflowing bridges in San Carlos Canton, Alajuela Province.

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