The third list of the main topics of the Day of Prensa Latina

Editors: Carmen Esquivel and Roberto García Hernández

Cuba: The Conference of the Confederation of Italians in the World kicks off

The 13th Congress of the Confederation of Italians in the World (CIM) began here today by recognizing the work of Cuban medical brigades in the face of Covid-19 in the Italian regions.

USA: Condemn the maneuvers against the People’s Summit in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Police Department refused permission to conduct a mass, legal and peaceful march on June 10 at the People’s Summit for Democracy.

Dominican: Dominican President supports the Inclusive Summit of the Americas

Dominican President Luis Abenader said today that he would be happier to attend the upcoming US Summit in Los Angeles, USA, if it was to speak between all that unites us.

Mexico: Agatha caused four deaths while passing through Oaxaca

Last-minute reports confirm that Hurricane Agatha, which today turned into a tropical storm, has caused four deaths and the same number of people missing in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Costa Rica: Cyber ​​attacks against entities continue in Costa Rica

The Costa Rican Social Security Fund is today the latest victim of cyber-attacks by hackers from the Conte Group, who keep important platforms of the Ministry of Finance out of service.

– Argentina: President denounced embezzlement during Macri’s term

Today, the President of Argentina, Alberto Fernandez, denounced the thefts and embezzlement committed during the administration of former President Mauricio Macri (2015-2019), and stressed that the country’s leadership is working to strengthen the business that was paralyzed during that period.

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Colombia: Candidates seek support for the second round of elections in Colombia

Adding supporters to reach more votes is a key task today for candidates Gustavo Petro and Rodolfo Hernandez, who will face each other in the second round of Colombia’s presidential election on June 19.

Brazil: Diplomats in Brazil have warned of attacks on the elections

Federal Supreme Court Minister and President of the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE), Edson Fachin, today alerted foreign ambassadors about possible attacks on elections scheduled for October in Brazil.

France: UNESCO celebrates Latin America and the Caribbean Week

Today at its headquarters in Paris, UNESCO held the ninth edition of the Latin American and Caribbean Week, the days in which the countries of the region will share their cultural and historical wealth.

Russia: Russian oil embargo will affect Europe, says senator

Deputy Chairman of the Russian Federation Council (Senate) Konstantin Kosachev said today that the partial oil embargo on this country agreed upon by the European Union will affect its economy and the well-being of the population.

United Kingdom: British Prime Minister is close to facing a vote of no-confidence

Two other British Conservative MPs today openly questioned the leadership of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who continues to lure critics among his followers in religion over the so-called party scandal.

Canada: Announcing a strict law on handgun possession

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today announced a measure to freeze the sale and transfer of handguns, such as handguns or revolvers, in the country.

Science: Public Policy Strengthens Environmental Defense in Cuba

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Today they announced that the implementation of public policies and the initiation of sustainable development projects will mark the special event for World Environment Day in Cuba, to be held on 5 June.


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