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Under the slogan “Let humanity be humane,” the third edition of the International Festival of Progressive Theater opened its doors in Venezuela, bringing together until March 31 more than 180 groups from that country and twenty countries from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. With Cuba as a guest country.

In the National Theater crowded with people, the Minister of Popular Power for Culture, Ernesto Villegas, conveyed a greeting on behalf of President Nicolas Maduro to this cultural festival, noting that this event is being held under the difficult circumstances that the country is going through. Under siege, besieged, but putting the cultural rights of the people first, an example of this is the fulfillment of the mission at this time: Venezuela, my beloved homeland, lives to save the most authentic traditions of the nation through its culture.

He pointed out that the festival gained a reference status by uniting representatives of the performing arts who, through this event, defend equality, justice and humanity.

The world of theatrical performances in Venezuela is celebrating this event that will bring hundreds of national troupes and international guests to all states, with performances in 34 theaters nationwide, 16 of which are in Caracas.

Through the new technologies, the greetings of the Cuban Minister of Culture, Alpidio Alonso, were conveyed, who emphasized the importance of this exchange in Bolivarian Venezuela for those who create pioneering and original theatre, with a transformative sense for the good of noble causes. In a world in crisis and in desperate need of these spaces.

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Aura Rivas, the first actress of the National Theater Company and one of the honored personalities, at the age of 90 and 70 years of her artistic life, expressed her deep satisfaction with this festival that unites wills, and sent a message to the participants. “Be confident that we will receive you with great love, and to our generous country, Cuba, our fraternal welcome. “Theater requires a lot of work and perseverance, and the most important thing is not getting there, but staying there.” He said.

In addition to a range of performances across the country, the festival includes meetups, exchanges and seminars, making it one of the largest theater festivals in recent times, said Anibal Drom, the festival's promotion coordinator.

“There are 137 troupes in total, a program in 16 theater halls, a circus tent, with performances from 3 in the afternoon until 7 at night, including specialized theater for children, 98 communities that will receive the festival in the 23 states, there are regional, national and international performances, 132 performances “Only in the theaters of Caracas, I reaffirm that it is one of the largest theater festivals in Venezuela.” He confirmed.

Carlos Arroyo, head of the National Theater Company, stressed the importance of the meeting and the fact that this time Cuba is the guest of honour.

“Cuba has always been an important country for Venezuela, and we have always embraced the same way of making Latin American and Caribbean theater, and from the beginning of the festival, we have always thought of paying tribute to Cuba.” Announce.

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The inaugural play was presented by Cuba's Impulso Teatro Company with Antigone, a classic play by Bertolt Brecht representing the Greek heroine, a symbol of struggle and liberation.

Osvaldo Cano, the group’s theater consultant and playwright, noted, “For us, returning to Venezuela is a privilege, bringing our art and our choice to open this festival with a work that conveys messages, in defense of peace and the rights of others, a rejection of predatory wars, and what the work says about it has a lot to do with the essence of the festival: making humanity human, it is a tremendous and building pride for our group.

Rachel Garcia Heredia, President of the National Council for the Performing Arts, said that Cuba is represented by three groups, stressing her pride in participating in an event with these characteristics.

“It is an honor for Cuba to be honored, because this meeting honors people who fight for a better world. “Impulso Teatro, Teatro tuos and La Salamandra are here to defend this great country that is humanity.” I approved the guidance.

This was also expressed by Jorge Luis Mayo, second head of the Cuban Embassy in Venezuela, who meant that this meeting also represents the brotherhood of our peoples.

After intense applause from the audience, and after the introduction of Antigone, director and actress Linda Soriano expressed the feeling of the entire group.

“Thank you, Venezuela, for welcoming us and allowing us to bring our art and share it. We did it with love. The idea compels us. We are one, we are human.”She expressed enthusiastically.

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