The sum of small achievements for a great goal

Passion for sports remains Juan Jose Sanchez, a twelve-year-old boy whose heart seemed to bounce like a basketball instead of hitting. This minor is living proof that good results can be achieved with discipline and perseverance. At a young age, he was already portrayed as one of the best athletes in the country.

Since he was five years old, Juan Jose has started playing the sport that runs through his veins, basketball. In a way, it’s an inherited talent. His mother, Claudia Rodriguez, was also an athlete. By pure chance, after examining a few things, he found some medals from his mother. But this was not the only discovery he made, he also learned that his father used to play volleyball when he was young.

“At first I did not know that my parents were athletes. My father played volleyball and my mother played basketball (…) It was very cool because I love her and my mother loved her. She had an injury and could not continue to play, but she was also very good ”, she admits . Although he didn’t have much skill at first, with time he learned to control the ball and make it his best friend.

His passion wasn’t always about basketball. His parents saw that he had a lot of energy, so they decided to put him in sports. With that in mind, he tried swimming and BMX, but his greatest skills came with the ball.

Custom Basketball

Despite being a kid, it is clear that discipline is what will lead him to achieve his dreams. Juan Jose gets up at five in the morning to strengthen his muscles with TRX or with a barbell, after which he gets ready to go to school.

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Then he makes time for what he considers an essential part of his life. He trains for about two hours and when he comes home he gets ready for his homework, only if he gets too tired he chooses to get up early the next day to do his homework.

All this dedication is due to the fact that his parents instilled in him a love of sports from a young age. “Because of the dream I have, I know I have to work every day, so I will achieve the short-term goals to finally achieve the goal (…) and that is why I focus on small accomplishments because from the small things, things begin to grow. Great”, that A young man of great maturity who already sees himself as a player in one of the five most important basketball leagues in the world.

The major basketball leagues in the United States are: the National Basketball Association (NBA), the International Basketball League (IBL), the NBA Development League (NBA D-League), the Basketball Premier League (PBL), and the Ohio Valley Basketball League. . (OVBL).

completely It was MILO® who helped in an important way on his way, MILO® has the consistent objective of promoting sports in the country, This initiative was created with the aim of identifying the sports talents of children and adolescents. Seven of them were the young winners, and in addition to being on the brand’s packaging, they won scholarships for training in apparel and sports.

“Next month we have a trip to West Lafayette to go to Purdue University (…) there will be a summer camp for basketball players and the idea is to be able to invest what you have earned there,” said the little boy excitedly.

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academic life

He realizes that sporting achievements have nothing to do with his academic days and that to fulfill his dream of becoming a great basketball player, he must master English as he already does and also be good at math.

The same devotion he shows to sports, he also puts it into his subjects, although like every kid from time to time he breaks the rules a little bit in class. “I do well in all subjects, I do not do well in discipline because let’s say I talk a lot in class, but it’s not like it’s a missed note,” he says.

Athlete and businessman

The thing that also distinguishes Juan José is the Veraquera. The little boy took advantage of his mother’s skills in making sweets and created a business idea through which he was able to support some of his things and pay the gas bill at home.

My parents have always taught me to appreciate things. Entrepreneurship and money instilled in me (…] My mom made some very tasty sweets and said I’d sell them, but my idea was simple, it was about putting the sweets into heatproof and going house to house, but when I told my dad, he helped me. Since he was also an entrepreneur, we designed the boxes and labels,” he says. He currently sells on-demand sweets and confirms that he is doing a very good job in this endeavour.

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