The study reveals the most wanted Ghibli films in every country

Are Totoro or Chihiro more popular? This study can give us more answers, as it analyzes It is the most wanted Ghibli movie in every country.

We were all thrilled and cried because of Hayao Miyazaki’s films and the studio he founded with director Isao Takahata and producer Tohio Suzuki in 1985.

Of course, some of his films are more popular than others, in part because of that kidnapped The world premiere of these products has begun. This has gotten better since then All of these movies are on Netflix.

However, a recent study by broadband optionsAnd the From the UK, he shows that fan tastes vary greatly around the world for the blockbuster Ghibli movie.

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Study Ghibli movie

The English company since 2005 is responsible for the analysis of Internet, telephone and television packages.

However, to study Studio Ghibli’s Most Wanted Movie in the World They have dedicated themselves to making Global and monthly average analysis by country Using Ahrefs, a keyword explorer.

To say that they have studied every country in the world is very ambitious. However, they took on the mission of vision Data from 138 countries.

And no one was surprised, kidnapped (2001) is the world’s most wanted Ghibli movie; It was number one in 80 countries.

In the world, it is ranked second The wonderful moving castle (2004)Based on the novel of the same name by Diana Wayne Jones, it has been ranked #1 in 19 countries.

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Finally, in third place there is a relationship between Prince Mononoke (1997) and Ponyo and the secret of the little mermaid (2008); Each one is the most popular in 13 countries.

It’s funny because they’re two big opposites in the Ghibli movie. The first is one of the darkest and most violent stories. While the other is one of the most children.

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Ghibli’s most wanted movie in Mexico is…

This surprises anyone, because according to the study, the most sought-after Ghibli movie in Mexico is Ponyo and the secret of the little mermaid.

According to the table given in the study, a total of 465,960 searches of Ghibli films were analyzed in our country.

Photo: taken from

from this number, 156,000 searches عملية They were related to the aforementioned movie; Which is equivalent to 33 percent.

Unfortunately, the study does not show the rest of the country-specific searches, only indicating the most popular searches in each country.

But it would be interesting to see which came second and third in blockbuster movies after Ghibli in Mexico.

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