The study reveals that nearly 4% of the Cuban population has immigrated in the past two years

A figure representing about 4% of the Cuban population emigrated over the past two years. The data was revealed by several experts from the Havana Consulting Group after conducting a study on the subject.

More than 450,000 Cubans left the country during the above-mentioned period. This figure includes only people who have traveled by various routes to the United States. Of this total, about 366,000 people entered illegally across the border. The remainder relates to family reunification and humanitarian parole.

The same study highlights that at least 30,000 Cubans will be stranded in Mexico waiting to reach their final destination: the United States. The alarming numbers indicate that if Cuba were located on a continental land, the exodus would already exceed 5 million immigrants.

Systematic crisis

The promoters of the investigation admitted that today Cuba is experiencing a systemic crisis, more than an economic one. They are often based on the collapse of the health, financial, transportation and energy systems, among other areas.

The study showed that in 2015, as a result of the Barack Obama thaw, Cuba was pardoned in the amount of $42 billion. Seven years later, Al Jazeera already owes $46 billion. These are the elements that foreign investors consider before setting foot in Cuba and betting on the growth of their money.

The Havana Consulting Group also stated that the Cuban state will soon face a new trial for non-payment. The demand, this time, will be $1,345.00 million. If creditors win one of these lawsuits, a second ban will be imposed, and it will not be the US ban. It would be an embargo by the creditors, and they would try by all means to confiscate any property of Cuba outside the country.

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