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universe stories

In this post, astrophysicist Santiago Vargas collects stories where science is the protagonist

Every Tuesday on the science page of EL TIEMPO, the Astrophysicist Santiago Vargas He brings readers a column that summarizes stories covering a wide range of characters and eras, reflecting the triumph of the human mind in its quest to unravel the mysteries of the universe.A journey through stories in which science is the main hero that Colombians can now find collected in the Historias del cosmos.

Post edited by National University of Columbia College of ScienceHeadquartered in Bogotá, supported by the Colombian Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences, is a compilation and complete edition of some of the author’s best stories every week since July 2014 in his column.

The stories of the universe cover billions of years of evolution, wonderful stars, physical phenomena, personalities, ideas, great challenges, and many more questions. All reflect humanity’s constant scrutiny of our cosmic environment.

universe stories

National University

The amazing life of some of the most famous personalities who paved the way for astrological knowledge; Answering the big questions about our amazing universe; describe the amazing phenomena that occur on earth, in the sky and beyond our planet; The arduous path that led us to enter into space exploration. And the science that hides around us are the central themes that the author presents with precision, but also with the passion necessary to make this book an interesting read, which does not leave indifferent lovers of the universe and those who want to start discovering its wonders.

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The new publication is now publicly available at the Columbia National University Library.

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