The South African authorities will ensure security in the elections

Elections will be held in South Africa on the 29th of next month, although from tomorrow the 27th and Tuesday the 28th a special vote will be held mainly for people with disabilities.

As Deputy National Commissioner of Police, Lieutenant General Tebelo Mosekele, told the nation today, the plan prepared by the National Joint Operations and Intelligence Structure (NatJOINTS) is “on the right track to protect your rights and our democracy.”

He added, therefore, that all voters come out with complete confidence, because “we are in charge, we have control.” “As law enforcement agencies, we will ensure their safety during this period,” he added.

He stressed that we will have more “boots on the ground”, to ensure that all those who will exercise their democratic right do so in a peaceful and safe environment.

Meanwhile, Moskili warned social media users against participating in spreading misinformation and fake news.

The senior official urged everyone to check the facts first before sharing any information, which often causes unnecessary confusion and panic.

However, he warned that the intelligence community and cybercrime units are closely monitoring internet users.


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