The Secret Story drops and the Inocentes series tracks data from the previous week

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Tuesday is again presented as a non-competitive day in prime time, and thus, a program with less than a million and a half viewers can carry the night through without problems.

In this sense, Secret Story: Countdown, With Carlos Sopra, achieve a 14.1% was followed by 1,398,000 viewers. On this occasion, it was again broadcast in full on Telecinco, with a party in which Alba Carrillo left the group after a quarrel with Miguel Frigenti.

hormijiro He earned Penélope Cruz in Antena 3, on the show that earned 15.7% audience share and 2,345,000 viewers. Then the new chapter of innocent Investigation 11.7% share with 1,201,000 viewers, Exactly the same week before.

In La 1 the fourth episode of I’m widowed With Maribel Verdú getting a little better: score a 6.2% of the audience with an average of 808,000 viewers. However, it runs again on a late basis, becoming the most watched with 101,000 viewers. In La 2, Commissioner Montalbano continues to attract faithful to reach 688,000 viewers and a share of 4.9%.

In Quattro, once they got rid of the transverse TV, they chose the cinema. the film V3nganza, starring Liam Neeson, paints 9.1% of viewership on screen with an average of 879.000 viewers.

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employment you will eat itAlberto Chicote traveled to London to find out what the concept of Spanish food is in the capital of the United Kingdom. It was the third option for his tape with an attachment 9.3% share and 1,159,000 viewers on average.

Without many surprises, Antena 3 Noticias 2 managed to be the most watched of the day. Vicente Vallés and Esther Vaquero signed an average of 2,997,000 viewers with a 21.7% share.

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