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Mexico City, April 29, 2024

It highlights the actions taken and results obtained in favor of these development areas

The Committee on Science, Technology and Innovation, chaired by Rep. Gabriel Escobedo Muñoz (PVEM), approved its first semi-annual report corresponding to the third year of the LXV Legislature, which contains actions taken and results obtained in favor of these areas of development.

During his presentation, Escobedo Muñoz stated that the work of this body focused on embodying various initiatives within the framework of the principles of proportionality, gradualism, fairness, rationality, respect, dialogue and consensus.

He pointed out that science, technology and innovation are daily topics on the international scene currently; However, Mexico lags behind by up to 12 years, which is why it is important for the Commission to address these challenges.

He stressed the representatives' commitment to the pluralism with which they addressed issues, as this allows for amending laws that are in the general interest of society.

Rep. Juan Carlos Romero Hicks (PAN) commented that although the work is important, the reform on the issue of cybersecurity is still pending, as there has not been enough time to address it and provide a solution to this problem.

Representative José Miguel de la Cruz Lima (Morena) commented that the great step taken by this committee was to approve the General Law on Humanities, Science, Technology and Innovation, because this changes the concept of the sector; He pointed out that the alternative opinions were unanimously approved in the interest of the country's development.

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From Morena, Representative María Eugenia Hernández Pérez said that what the agency did was the result of efforts that yielded tangible results such as the new science law. However, issues such as cybersecurity and artificial intelligence remain outstanding.

Representative Jesús Roberto Briano Burunda (Morena) stressed that this committee reached agreements through dialogue and multilateral respect, which is why he called for the continuation of this path to achieve greater benefits of science, technology and innovation.

Judith Celina Tanuri Cordova, Morena's representative, expressed that the General Law on Humanities and Science, Technology and Innovation will allow these areas to have a progressive budget, that is, an increase in real terms to finance scientific and human development.

Rep. Mario Alberto Rodríguez Carrillo (MC) congratulated the deputies for the work they did. “What is clear to all of us is that the primary task will be to see the effectiveness of the laws in place and the evolution of increased investment in science and technology in our country realized this year and in the years to come.”

For the Institutional Revolutionary Party, Rep. Eduardo Enrique Murat Hinojosa pointed out that the only way to promote science, technology and innovation is through trial and error, defending its budget, as well as state participation.

Representative Rocio Hernandez Villanueva (Morena) recognized the work done in the Committee, because despite some differences or ideologies, it was possible to reach consensus on some views. “Approving the new Common Law on Humanities and Science, Technology and Innovation means recognizing the human right to science, which is progress.”

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Representatives had previously approved their minutes corresponding to the twenty-fourth regular meeting.

On the other hand, the Chairman of the Commission stated that a forum on cybersecurity from the point of view of civil society is scheduled to be held; Likewise, the first Sports Technology and Innovation Race, aims to enhance how these cognitive disciplines contribute to the development of high-performance athletes.

Text and image: House of Representatives

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