The Science Park is a unique reference in Andalusia

From the Popular Party of Granada, we celebrate the decision of the Government of Juanma Moreno in the Andalusian Junta, through its Educational Development Department, to further strengthen the leadership of the Granada Science Park.

The Granada Science Park is considered a unique reference in the Andalusian region. In addition to being just a museum, it is a center for research, experimentation and innovation. Its success, demonstrated by the record number of visitors in 2023 (nearly 900,000), is the result of effective management, attractive programming and an unwavering commitment to promoting science and culture.

It is important to emphasize that the Science Park's contributions go beyond mere scientific publishing. Its activities cover educational and scientific research and innovation, promoting the development of science teaching, scientific and technical training for teachers, encouraging innovation in the business community, promoting science tourism, marketing products and services, as well as participating in social media.

The leadership of the Science Academy was undeniable and was never in doubt; It is a source of pride for all the people of Granada and Andalusia. Their work is essential for the development of Andalusian society and its future is guaranteed.

The scope of the Science Park covers the entire Andalusian territory, and its success depends on cooperation with world-famous entities such as the Technisches Museum in Vienna or the DASA Workers' Museum in Dortmund.

Continuous reinforcement, together with the Andalusian Government, has been clear that the park will lead and coordinate the Andalusian strategy for the dissemination of educational sciences. This fosters cooperation between different centers and entities with the common goal of bringing the passion for science to all parts of Andalusia.

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The Minister of Educational Development, Patricia del Pozo, recently announced that the Science Park team will formulate a preliminary proposal, advise and coordinate the implementation in Andalusia of the Andalusian Scientific Educational Publishing Strategy, with the absolute support of the Andalusian Government. .

The Chancellor stated that the park's leadership is clear and recognized, and that it has proven, during its nearly 30 years of existence, to be a vital player in scientific publishing.

Likewise, it was made clear that the Principia Center of Malaga, after the final preparation of the decree by the Ministry, would retain its function and service as it has been up to now, without negatively affecting the Science Park. This measure reinforces the Andalusian government's commitment to the educational dissemination of science, and the integration of all centers into this strategy.

It is clear that the Science Oasis and its collaborators are at the forefront of scientific promotion in Andalusia, and this government drive ensures that this work continues for the benefit of the entire community.

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