The SAT 10 Test clarifies doubts about the 2020 Annual Declaration of Natural People

The Tax Administration Service (SAT) recently published a document with answers to 19 frequently asked questions about it Annual announcement Individuals 2020.

10 questions and answers about the annual permit of natural persons

Here we share 10 of the 19 questions and answers published by the IRS:

1. What do I need to enter my annual revenue?

There are two authentication methods for phrase entry.

  • Option 1: Using password, requiring RFC in 13 posts, your password and captcha.
  • Option 2: With e.firma, which requires .cer and. key and the corresponding private key password.

2. What is the recommended explorer to file my annual return?

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge y Safari.

3. What do I do if I do not know one or more of my servers preloading me?

If you do not recognize one or more of the preloaded servers, you can delete the history by clicking the trash can icon.

4. What do I do if I see the wage and salary income details and get a “errors in the record” message?

This message is displayed because from preloaded information there is a mandatory field and it has not been reported by the withholding agent.

To continue your acknowledgment, you must select the Recycle Bin icon to delete the preloaded information and add the correct information.

5. I am from the Incorporation Tax System (RIF), do I have to file the annual return for the year 2020?

Only if you choose to present your semi-monthly payments applying the benefit factor.

6. How can I verify the correctness of the pre-populated information for my interim payments that I made during FY2020?

To verify the information is correct, you must refer to the returns provided through the returns and corresponding payments service for the fiscal year 2020 and add your income amounts, Expenses And reservation.

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The information in the Previous Year Temporary Payments field is filled in with the result of adding amounts already paid in the ISR field.

7. If I discover that the temporary payment information pre-filled is incorrect, how can I correct it?

  • First, the correction must be made in the period (s) of the interim payments.
  • Second, if you don’t have amount to pay, the information must be reflected within 24 hours. Otherwise, once the payment has been made, the update will be done within 48 hours.

8. How can I verify the correctness of the pre-populated information for my interim payments that I made during FY2020?

In order to verify the income information is correct, Expenses And for deductions, you should refer to the announcement for the December period or the last period you announced for the fiscal year 2020.

The information in the Temporary payments for the year field is pre-filled with the result of adding the amounts payable in the ISR field that are actually being paid.

9. For fiscal year 2020, I had the stimulus permit by the Northern Border Region, however, in the pre-loaded information I don’t see all of my income, so what should I do?

You must verify that all fiscal year 2020 you submitted with the Border Region form; Otherwise, you must do the following:

  • Of the periods which do not coincide with the shape of the Northern Border District, “ISR concept declarations shall be submitted to natural persons without influence”. Commercial and professional activity, while not forgetting, where applicable, the date and amount prepaid.
  • Next, submit the Statement of Compliance that was not filed with the ISR Form for Individuals. commercial activities. Border area.

10. I have paid taxes abroad and want to prove them in the annual return, and the returnee asks for additional information on income, such as the country that I got, what is the option that I can choose if I do not have that information?

In the event that you do not have this information, you can choose the stateless person (who lacks nationality) option, which is located in the country of origin in the Destination field.

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You can see the document published by SAT Here / Department: Additional Materials / Search Criteria: Frequently Asked Questions Annual Announcement of Natural Persons 2020 / Publication date: March 2020.

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