The Russian senator has denounced that the US bombing of Syria could lead to deadly tensions in the region

Russian Senator Vladimir Yabarov described the US air strike in eastern Syria as “illegal”, indicating that this could lead to an escalation of tension in the region.

As the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) reported early Friday, the US military launched air strikes last night against facilities in eastern Syria, following an order issued by the Joe Biden administration. Some local media claim that the sites that have been attacked belong to resistance groups fighting terrorism.

“It is completely illegal, because it is bombing the territory of a sovereign state. […]Deputy Chairman of the Russian Senate International Affairs Committee, Vladimir Yaparov, said during an interview with the Russian News Agency, “What happened is of great danger and could lead to an escalation in the region.” Sputnik.

But he stressed that Syria can submit a complaint to the United Nations Security Council about this situation, at its discretion, because “it has the full right to do so.”

Yabarov also warned that the Arab country is equipped with modern weapons, including Russian-made S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems, and that is why “the Americans should be very careful.”

The American attack came after a group of unidentified attackers attacked the Al-Balad air base in Iraqi territories with three Katyushka missiles on Saturday, where the American forces are deployed.

The bombing represents Biden’s first foreign military action since he assumed office on January 20, and it was carried out after several missiles fell near the US diplomatic headquarters in Baghdad (the Iraqi capital), located in the so-called Green Zone.

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However, the channel Telegram Sabrin NewsRegarding this attack, it indicated that an American aircraft attacked an empty building and other facilities belonging to the resistance groups between Albu Kamal and Al-Qaim on the Syrian-Iraqi border, which led to the death of one person and the injury of others, according to initial reports. . (Hispan TV)

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