The Roche Institute Foundation Extends The Duration Of Its Data Science In Personalized Medicine Scholarships

MADRID, June 29 (Europe Press) –

The Roche Institute Foundation has decided to extend the call for the third edition of the data science training grants in Personalized and Precision Medicine, until July 15th.

In this new call, three scholarships will be offered, on a competitive basis, as financial aid to cover tuition fees of a maximum of €7,000 each. The scholarship will allow selected individuals to further their training in all major areas of data science, such as biomedicine, bioinformatics, medical informatics, decision support system, omics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and personalized precision medicine, among others.

With this call, the Roche Institute would like to highlight the need to integrate new data science professional profiles into the health system, as stated in the document “Digital Transformation of the Health System for Integrating Precision Personalized Medicine,” promoted by the Foundation Which emphasizes the training of future professionals as a key tool for the complete transformation of the national health system, as well as ensuring the implementation and integration of customized PM in healthcare and for Spain to be at the forefront of innovation in health.

University graduates will be able to apply for scholarships, preferably in positions in a science branch (biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, statistics, etc.) and health sciences (medicine, pharmacy, biomedicine, biotechnology, etc.), such as As well as in the engineering of the computing and electronics branch (information technology, telecommunications, etc.).

Both the rules and the scholarship application form are available on the Roche Institute website and applications can be submitted until July 15, 2021. Interested persons should send the documents to the following email: becacienciadedatos @ Institutoroche.

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Members of the Roche Institute Board of Trustees will evaluate applications and award scholarships according to the following criteria: evaluation of the candidate’s tutoring merits and work experience (up to 40 points), and financial evaluation of master’s enrollment funding (up to 60 points).

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