“The Return” by visual artist Eddie Martinez at the Institute of Legal Sciences of Oaxaca

Oaxaca, Oaks. (proceso.com.mx).- With 27 photographic and graphic works, Eddie Martinez, a visual artist born in San Francisco del Mar, opens on Friday the 25th his exhibition “The Return” in the cultural space of the Institute of Legal Sciences in San Francisco. Oaxaca.

Arte Relieve, the curator and organizer of the exhibition, explained that 13 graphic works and 14 graphic works are presented in different techniques. Of the paintings, five are in oil and six are in acrylic, as well as gouache on paper.

A decade later, painter and engraver Eddie Martínez returned home to exhibit “Retorno,” an exhibition that allows his work to be admired in Oaxaca. His previous solo exhibition in the Oaxacan capital dates back to 2013.

Prior to the 2013 exhibition, Eddy Martinez had only shown his work individually, in 2019, at the Museum of Geology of the National Autonomous University of Mexico in the country’s capital.

“Retorno” will remain until September 25 of this year in the cultural space of the Institute of Legal Sciences, located at the intersection of Morelos Avenue and Crespo, in the historic center of the Oaxacan capital.


On this occasion, the Master Martinez exhibition is displayed in the cultural space of the International Judo Organization, which was inaugurated in 2015 with the aim of promoting integrated education for students and in which various exhibitions of arts and culture, conferences, workshops and books are held. are served. .

ICJO has a film club that shows films with legal subjects, which are analyzed and commented on by a specialist in the field, along with other activities of the institute during the study period, as the cultural space is a good choice for students, visitors and the public. People interested in learning about different artistic and cultural options.

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Great plastic creator

Art critic Jorge Beach Casanova writes about this new exhibition by the artist, born in 1963 in San Francisco del Mar:

“The significance of Eddie Martinez’s visual work awaits appropriate appraisal in Oaxaca and Mexico. Its expressive quality, compositional refinement, and skilful use of techniques make it one of the first places among the living creators of the visual arts in Oaxaca.

With a force as great as that of his contemporaries Maximino Javier or Philemon Santiago, the pictorial and graphic output of Eddie Martínez is waiting to be brought together in a major retrospective at venues such as the Museum of Painters of Oaxacan or the Museum of Contemporary Art of Oaxaca.

“This reserved man, dedicated to his creative profession, does not usually appear in the Mexican art scene except through his paintings and engravings. However, he is one of the most important plastic creators in his environment thanks to the quality of his drawing, the strength of his compositions, and the mastery of photographic techniques that he shows over and over again in his photographic production,” says the specialist.

The artist from San Francisco del Mar, Oaxaca, has had solo and group exhibitions in Mexico, the United States, Canada and Latin America, including:

“INKS”, UNAM Geology Museum, CDMX; The Time of Roses, Art Gallery of Oaxaca; Eddie Martinez: A Modern Work, Gradiva Contemporary Art Gallery, Jalisco; Contemporary Art from Oaxaca, Pima County Community College District, Luis Carlos Bernal Gallery Art Center, West Campus, Tucson, AZ; Tamayo Had a Dream, Museum of Contemporary Art of Oaxaca, El Arte Gráfico de Oaxaca, San Agustín Art Center.

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