The restoration of diplomatic relations with the United Kingdom


The government headed by Carlos Menem and Domingo Cavallo as Minister of Foreign Affairs announced, today, the restoration of diplomatic relations with the United Kingdom, describing this as “progress”.
Activated by a legal instrument signed in October 1989 in a room of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Madrid. The text of the document was combined into eighteen articles and four appendices covering a total of fourteen pages under the title “Joint Declaration of the Delegations of Argentina and the United Kingdom” ( Adrián G. de Antueno Berisso. Tierra del Fuego Antártida e South Atlantic Islands).
This agreement came after eight years of bloody military confrontation in the South Atlantic, which means the biggest crisis in diplomatic relations between the two countries. It paid off when the British military emblem came into its twilight, and Margaret Thatcher was no longer prime minister.
Menem’s policy was to draw closer to the powerful West, and this initiative was an important step toward that goal.
The policy of “temptation” toward the kippers was carried out, by sending “Benni Pooh” bears and “physical relations”, as described by Cavallo’s successor, Guido de Tella.
Soon, flights between London and Buenos Aires were restored, and an agreement was signed for the exploitation of hydrocarbons, which supposedly does not imply recognition of sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands (under the ‘umbrella’ method), but implies the opening of the gates. To incorporate this activity into the islands. This happened from 2010, with the installation of oil companies.
The policy of the United Kingdom has been to accept these diplomatic measures, but in fact to proceed with the unilateral management of natural resources, both in terms of hydrocarbons and in the fishing resources of the continental shelf. Enabling predation in the South Atlantic.
This was also demonstrated by the call to the kelpers for a referendum to determine their position on sovereignty over the islands, in which only those who would benefit from the forcible seizure of those lands expressed themselves.
Britain’s enduring aggression was also demonstrated by the recent proliferation of nuclear weapons on the islands.

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