“The reform puts the quality of the elections at risk,” Cordova says.

President of the National Institute of Statistics, Lorenzo CordovaHe warned of the dangers in the quality of elections in Mexico, with approval Electoral reform which was voted on December 7.

The head of the National Electoral Institute said that the proposals sent by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador threaten the certainty and quality of electoral processes.

He said that if the conditions presented in the House of Representatives are approved, “the technical quality of the country’s elections could be jeopardized, and with it the democratic governance that we have achieved.”

“Abolishing professional service positions indiscriminately, merging structures with intense, diverse and sometimes overlapping work dynamics, increasing the number of ballots to be received by the heads of polling stations and reducing the training time of those who will integrate polling stations, among these, and others, measures that clearly do not contribute in confirming the electoral processes and endangering the electoral system.” Coahuila and the State of Mexicoheading to the provincial elections in 2023.

Morena and her allies in the House of Representatives were able to agree fast track Plan B for electoral reform President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador.

After the opposition managed to block the constitutional changes proposal promoted by the president – which prevented a qualified majority from being obtained – the bloc headed by Morena presented its alternative document, managing to get the process going to committees for sentencing. It takes advantage of its slight majority to get it out in a few hours.

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In this regard, Córdova said, “The legislative process is not over yet, and they are creating the seed of division, provoking polarization and not the consensus that electoral reform should assume. There is a problem brewing where there is none today,” and for this reason he called on the Senate to act wisely, objectively, informatively and with vision. to the state.”

For Córdova, reform measures do not contribute to certainty in electoral processes, and he said they jeopardize “one of the few things that have been done well in the country in the past three decades, an electoral system that over time has allowed us to hold democratic elections as has happened in recent years.” .

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