The reason why England, Scotland and Wales play separate football, despite they are all from the UK

These teams date back to 1872, in what is known as the birth of world football, in a story that explains a common question among football fans.

An eternal question chasing lovers footballAnd even more so in the months when the dispute takes place International Championships, where every time the quota is disputed: why sittingAnd the ScotlandAnd the Northern Ireland e England They play separately despite being part of United kingdom?

Its explanation can only be found in the period before the birth of the sport in some way institutionala, when Football Associations As we know it today, independently by country or territory.

In fact, this cFour choices It was the key to progress sport And his step towards professionalism Which today has become one of the largest income generating regions in the world.

Which is that the first international clash in history was between two of these: England s Scotland, in what might be called the classics of the national teams Oldest in the world, On 1872, in a match that ended in a 0-0 draw, but it laid the foundations for what would be international football.

In this way, both teams began to develop independently, so that later, four years later, sitting. Besides, after a decade of the match between the national teams Brittany Island will be born Ireland, Until 1920 They played together under one flag, until the birth Northern Ireland, who would later make up their own choice.

32 years after the first meeting between England s ScotlandIn 1904, what we know today as international football was born, created FIFA Which will consist of choices like those of Spain, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, etc., which will be added EnglandAnd the Scotland e Ireland.

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In this way, it was not in doubt that these teams would play under one flag, considering that the rivalry between them had already arisen before the birth of professional football, which is quite different from what happens in Olympic Games, where all United kingdom Unite under one banner.

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