The reality show based on The Squid Game will get a prize of 4 million dollars

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Published: 05 July 2022 | 6:19 pm

Fantasy will become reality, with a reality show that will recreate The Squid Game, and Netflix is ​​looking for candidates to stage it, including a massive prize pool of over $4 million.

The reality show based on the Netflix series will be called “Squid Game: The Challenge” and already has a page dedicated to submitting. The organization is looking for 456 contestants to collect the proposal.

Someone will take the exact figure of 4 million 56 thousand dollars. Requirements to participate in a reality show without: Entering the Squidgamecasting website and choosing where the application will be submitted, and confirming that the person is 21 years old (at least) and will be able to count on at least four weeks during the beginning of 2023 to participate in the program.

After these steps, the applicant must submit a video in which they introduce themselves and argue why they want to be a part of the game, a possible plan and details of what they can use the earnings for. For this you must add a photo with a close-up of the face and another complete body.

It will not be necessary to have a specific physical condition. The main value is that a person wants to risk different dynamics to be part of the game.

The reality show will be produced by Studio Lambert, All3Media and The Garden, and will be filmed in the UK. Additionally, Netflix has officially announced that The Squid Game will have a second season.

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