The races with the highest scores are in Guadalupe and Zacatecas

According to the information posted by dating mexicoThese are the highest-registered institutions in the metropolitan area Guadalupe and Zacatecas. The results take into account only institutions of higher education and records obtained up to 2020. The professions with the largest number of students differ according to each institution, however, it is possible to highlight the presence of engineering.

Taking as a source National Association of Universities and Higher Education Institutions (ANUIES), the platform indicates that most of the . files Registered men In the region concentrated in areas such as: Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction (Eight thousand 227); Social sciences and law (Three thousand 196); Management and business (Two thousand 986).

in case if woman restrictedThe regions are not far from its predecessor. The majority of tuition fees focus on: Social sciences and law (five thousand 617); Health Sciences (5,479); Management and business (Four thousand 480).

Below we list the five higher education institutions with the highest enrollment rate and which ones have repeat jobs.

1. Autonomous University of Zacatecas (UAZ): 49.2%

Although the institution has more than 40 professions and 26.4 thousand studentsThe highest proportions of students are concentrated in four occupations: 15.2% belong to a bachelor’s degree in right. It is followed by 9.22% in accounting degree, 8.63% in psychology and 8.11% in general medicine. The distribution by regions includes:

  • 7.16 thousand students in social sciences and law.
  • 6.86 thousand students in health sciences
  • 3.9 thousand students in engineering, manufacturing and construction
  • 2.85 thousand students in administration and business
  • 1.68 thousand students in the arts and humanities
  • 1.15 thousand students in natural sciences, mathematics and statistics
  • 845 students in agricultural and veterinary engineering
  • Services 813 students
  • 715 male and female students in information and communication technology
  • 433 male and female students in education
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2 – Technological Institute of Nuevo Leon: 9.38 percent

According to data from ANUIES, the Zacatecas campus has 5.3 thousand students distributed in just three areas: engineering, manufacturing and construction. management and business; Computer systems engineer. The races with the highest score were:

  • 31% in Industrial engineering
  • 27% in Engineering in Business Administration
  • 14.9% in Computer Systems Engineering
  • 13% mechatronics engineering

3- Zacatecas State Technological Institute: 6.9%

The institution had 3.7 thousand students divided into three areas: engineering, manufacturing and construction. management and business; Information and Communication Technology. The races that got the most important percentage of students were:

  • 34.3% in building
  • 21.2% in Industrial Engineering
  • 14% Bachelor of Management
  • 11.1% Business Administration Engineering

It may interest you:

4. Technological University of Zacatecas: 3.88%

The university added until the time of counting 2.08 thousand students, divided into five areas: manufacturing and construction engineering. management and business; Health sciences; Information Technology; sustainable agriculture. The races with the highest percentage of students were:

  • 9.84% in High university technician in the field of physiotherapy rehabilitation
  • 7.63% Higher university technician in business development
  • 6.43% higher university technician in industrial maintenance
  • 6.1% in Mechatronics

5. Durango Independent University: 3.25%

As of 2020, the university had 1.74 thousand students from seven different fields: health sciences; social sciences and law; management and business; engineering, manufacturing and construction; education; design and visual communication; Gastronomy. The courses attended by the largest number of students were:

  • 34.8% in General Medicine
  • 7.57% in physical therapy
  • 7.06 in Law
  • 6.02% in Communication Sciences and Technologies

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