The public library is committed to science and philosophy

During the month of May Fourth science course And the Philosophy Meetings On the Segovia Public Library. Scholars from the Supreme Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) and Spanish universities will spread the sciences to Segovians, while Ph.D. in Philosophy, David LopezYou will do the same with your philosophical knowledge.

Among the media activities programmed in the field of science are scholars’ conversations about their latest research and offer to answer various questions from the public as there is direct contact between the authors of educational articles and publishing on these topics. Population.

Every Wednesday in May there will be an informed appointment. Today at 7:15 pm, mathematician and Professor of Statistics and Operations Research From Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid, David Rios, It reveals “the lights and shadows of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence”. The youngest member of the Royal Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences will deliver his theory of “big data”.

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