The PS5 drew attention to sudden noises, but there really is a solution

One of the main selling points for PlayStation 5, Is how quiet the console is. While it is true that this piece of hardware rarely makes noise, a number of bugs have emerged that cast doubt on this feature. Either the disc player starts beeping unexpectedly, or the console itself makes noise that makes the user uncomfortable. Luckily, A solution to this has already been found.

Most recently, TronicsFix YouTube found a solution to the electrical buzz that comes from various PS5 systems, known as coil whine. While this appears to have no effect on console performance, it can be inconvenient for gamers.. According to a YouTuber, this noise is emitted from a pair of blue capacitors inside the PlayStation 5’s power supply.

In the final video, we see Steve Porter, console repair expert, He managed to install a new capacitor. Likewise, it uses a special silicone to reduce the oscillation caused by the capacitors. The result is almost complete elimination of this noise.

Coil moan is a common phenomenon in technological devices. Thanks to the fact that the PS5’s fan and disk reader are completely quiet, Gamers are starting to notice this problem with the new console. On related topics, The modified PS5 has taken over the internet completely. Likewise, PlayStation Network pioneer leaves SIE.


Via: TronicsFix

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