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Emily in ParisOne of the most popular series on Netflix, and not only did it feature the hilarious story of its hero. The first season was lauded for the bold and elegant costumes worn by actress Lily Collins. The good news for your fans is that many of these costumes will be available online.

Brands like AZ Factory, designed by Ileana Makri; Zeus + Dion, among others, can be purchased from the day of the second season premiere, which according to the streaming service will be ready for mid-December 2021. It has not been confirmed whether Emily’s coveted accessories can also be purchased by Cooper. Like the elegant red hat she wore on the streets of Paris. Everything will be available on the site that will be made available by Netflix and Saks house.

The Emily in Paris series attracted fans not only because of the fun adventure of the young American who recently arrived in the most elegant city in the world. During its ten seasons, he was dazzled not only by the landscapes but also by the clothes of the most exclusive homes in France. On social networks, many commented on the style of the protagonist and even showed how to copy many of her most famous looks.

How can we forget when young Cooper walked the streets of Paris in a checkered black and white cotton coat, with a red cap; Or the long black dress, indispensable in any wardrobe, at which the character attended an elegant party to see the Opera Garnier.

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Emily’s second season arrives in Paris in mid-December, and it promises to be full of fashion and style. This time all of its heroes and their close friends will be teaching what to wear for the spring season, as as we saw in the first trailers there are lots of colorful clothes, transparencies, big hats, old fashioned bikinis, jeans, and prints.

Lily Collins, nominated for a Golden Globe for this character in the series Emily in Paris, spoke precisely about this young woman who managed to attract the attention of the audience. “Many of his qualities, if you put them on paper, would seem very disturbing. Having a person who is optimistic, bright and cheerful, it is sad to think that people look and say that he is a lot. They are such beautiful qualities, and the fact that they can be associated with weakness, asking for help and making mistakes is not infallible” . Teen Fog.

In the second season, the American girl Emily Cooper will be more adapted to French culture. In the first session, the young woman had to deal with the differences, the rejection of her co-workers, even her boss Sylvie, at the same time that her partner in Chicago decided to cut off the relationship from a distance.

The series has become one of the audience’s favorite series. According to Nielsen, more than 58 million Netflix subscribers watched the series in the month since its premiere alone. It was also among the top ten most watched content on the UK streaming service for just over a month.

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