The program that seeks to bridge the educational gap in science and technology by inspiring new generations

The program seeks to enhance girls' interest and abilities in STEM skills. (Courtesy Corteva)

In Colombia only 3 in 10 people graduate from science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) They are women; This is a number that confirms that the gender gap in knowledge and skills in these areas is worrying.

According to the Economics Laboratory at Javeriana University, the percentage of women studying this type of profession does not exceed 37.9%; While the Ministry of National Education administers an official index of 31.5%.

This situation can be confirmed by many universities in the country, because according to the Ministry of Education and recent data released by the Colombian Society of Engineers (SCI), Of the total students enrolled in engineering colleges, only 14% are women. Although this panoramic picture indicates that the gap has narrowed in the past twenty years by about 5 percentage points, the distance with men is still wide and significant.

highlights these results There is a need to implement policies and programs that encourage women's training in these fields. For this reason, Corteva Agriscience, in collaboration with the Traso Social Transformation Collective, has committed to addressing the gender inequality that exists in some employment sectors, and promoting the training and professional development of women.

Three out of ten people who graduate from STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) careers are women (reference image – Andina)

One of the fruits of this initiative is the distinguished case of Luz Caballero Quintana, a community mother, who, after 26 years of service and thanks to her participation in the “Women Empowerment” program promoted by the two organizations, was able to innovate in her field. .from work. Caballero Quintana was recently crowned the winner of the Transforming the Early Childhood Ecosystem competition, with her project “Globos de Experiences”, which It seeks to enhance the desire to learn in children.

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“This experience is very enjoyable because I have been able to rehabilitate myself, transform my service unit and provide all this teaching to the children of former students who are confident in teaching their young children.Caballero Quintana said of his personal and professional development.

In this context, the organization focuses on: Promoting the development and well-being of societies through educationHighlighting the importance of training in science and technology for women, youth and children. In Pasacabalos, Cartagena, the company implemented a program dedicated to enhancing the interest and abilities of young people, especially girls, in science to enhance their professional growth and leadership in the future, explained Giselle Cervantes, Head of Community Affairs at Corteva. .

“Experiment Balloons” that seek to enhance the desire to learn in children (picture information)

In addition, over the past two years, the company has trained 378 community leaders in Cartagena, training them in project management, Strengthening community organization and developing basic skills necessary for leadership.

The company also promoted Programs to encourage girls and young women to explore STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), and through the Unstoppable programme, provided training spaces for female students between the ages of 11 and 17 to inspire positive change in their perceptions.

The program seeks to impart knowledge to 40 girls and boys using science and technology concepts as pillars (reference photo – Europe Press/FRONTIERS)

And continue the educational line This year, they will focus resources on training in robotics, programming, video games, mechanics, electronics and the Internet of Things. The goal is to impart knowledge to 40 girls and boys using science and technology concepts as pillars to develop advanced agricultural solutions.

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Finally, Giselle Cervantes, Community Affairs Coordinator at Corteva Agriscience, highlighted this These measures aim to reduce gender disparity in the scientific field agricultural. Involving more girls in STEM fields is expected to contribute significantly to global progress.

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