The process of impeachment of Ecuadorian Minister – Prinsa Latina progresses

Recent appearances before the Oversight and Political Oversight Committee have included the Ombudsman, Freddy Carrion, and former National Institute of Statistics and Census Executive Director Byron Villasis.

In his speech, Carrion emphasized that Explocem CA’s actions, in relation to the collective dispute that has not been resolved for more than six years, demonstrate the persecution and harassment of workers who are members of the Business Committee.

In addition, she noted that the Ombudsman’s Office asked the National Defense and Labor authorities and Explocem directors to work within the provisions of the constitution and the law, and even offered to act as mediators in order to pursue conflict resolution to meet employee demands and company interests.

For his part, Velaches focused on explaining the methodology applied in developing statistics of employment, unemployment and underemployment in Ecuador, in which, since 2014, the indicator of inappropriate employment has been included and he pointed to the damage caused to the institution, especially his assignment to work in the Presidency of the Republic.

On the list of those who attended the session before the committee was the head of defense, Oswaldo Garin, who apologized for not attending.

In this regard, it was considered that she was informed in writing and in a timely manner of the participation of her government portfolio in the exercise of the security and protection mission in the area where Explocem SA is located, which cannot be classified as militarization.

The request for impeachment was promoted by association members Marcela Holguín and Marcela Agueniaga.

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Among the reasons against the owner, he stated that he had not appointed a labor inspector to verify termination payments to Explocem and Flopec EP employees, who lost their jobs from January to June 2020.

They also weigh violations against them by not providing access to public information for the Citizen Observatory for Disability, Public Health, Labor and Human Rights, as well as freezing the basic standard salary for 2021 at $ 400 planned for 2020.

In addition, they accuse him of failing to immediately register the ban on the exercise of public office to former government minister Maria Paula Romo, after censorship and dismissal ordered by the National Assembly, which violates the basic laws of legislative functions and public service.

The employer must present evidence of his dismissal before the committee on March 19.

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