The President of Colombia is coordinating attention to the avalanche emergency

In this sense, the Civil Defense confirmed that its volunteers, in coordination with all relief agencies and the community, carry out search and rescue work.

He added that in the village of Naranjales, Koitami municipality, the government has set up a unified command center in the presence of the Director of the National Disaster Risk Management Unit, Olmedo López; and the Director General of the Colombian Civil Defense, Martín Hernando Nieto.

The official detailed a set of measures to solve the emergency, such as allocating resources to prepare roads and bridges, sending yellow machinery to the municipality, social support and a hydraulic engineer, and searching for land to resettle the affected families.

In addition to activating the affected rent subsidy program, and recruiting humanitarian aid groups, among others.

The Governor of the Cundinamarca Province, Nicolás García Bustos, declared a state of public disaster yesterday, after the landslide, in order to have the necessary resources to take care of the families affected by this phenomenon.

Garcia explained to a local station that heavy rain started Monday afternoon in Quietam, a municipality in the eastern part of the province, and intensified around midnight when the “water bombs” of flash floods began.

After the PMU concluded today, the governor explained that the start of traffic again across the damaged road was reduced from three weeks to a week, with a temporary bridge to be installed next July 28, and a week later to be operational. can be activated. A second bridge.

He said he had, with the Meta constituency government, requested a national military administration unit to address issues such as the effects on traders, in order to ensure that financial assistance was provided to the broker trade.

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