The preferred left in the Portuguese municipal elections – Prensa Latina

The government of Socialist Antonio Costa announced the lifting of restrictions to limit the spread of the SARS CoV-2 coronavirus, which causes Covid-19, after 85% of the population had received vaccines to combat the disease.

Some 9.3 million voters were called to go to the polls on Sunday to renew 308 municipal councils and municipal governments for four years, when opinion polls indicate a possible victory for the Socialists.

The so-called left in that European nation has a notable representation among the twenty political formations taking part in the elections, including the ruling Socialist Party, the Bloco de Esquerda (Marxist) and the Portuguese Communist Party.

For its part, right-wing advocates in the elections highlighted the Social Democratic Party (PSD, conservative) and Shiga (far right), local television highlighted.

Opinion polls show that two-thirds of the popular preference is in favor of the Socialists, while only 15 percent do so in favor of the PSD.

Preliminary opinion polls indicated that among the most contentious arenas is this capital’s square, where socialist Fernando Medina could garner 51 percent support, nearly double that of his main rival, former conservative European Commissioner Carlos Muadas.

In addition, in Porto, another important city in the country, independent Rui Moreira could be re-elected with more than 60 percent of the vote, meaning nothing for the right, the local press commented.

The experts here highlighted the rise of the ‘denial’ movement, unaware of the effects of the SARS CoV-2 coronavirus, and anti-vaccine ones, who are organizing protests for tomorrow in several cities, including this capital, to call for a boycott of the electoral process.

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However, the application for absenteeism is expected to have little success, although in 2017 the abstention rate in municipalities reached 45%.

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