The poll shows little support from Peruvians for President Poluart

Dina Polwart. Image: Latin Press.

According to a survey conducted by the Institute for Peruvian Studies (IEP) on Saturday, the new president of that country, Dina Pouluart, does not have much support among citizens, and very few believe that the political situation will improve with her.

The poll indicated that 83% believe that the way out of the crisis is to call for early general elections.

Only 13% of Peruvians surveyed believe that Boloart should remain in the presidency until 2026, when the term of former President Pedro Castillo expires.

Similarly, 27% agree that she has accepted the presidency and 71% think otherwise.

According to the poll, 75% predicted that with Pouluart taking over, the political situation in Peru would get worse.

In Metropolitan Lima, 35% agreed with Boulwart’s assumption. In urban areas of the country this statistic is 34%, while in rural areas it drops to 20%.

Bulwart has 26% in northern Peru, 20 in the center, 13 in the south and 33% in the east.

Additionally, Castillo received, in its last performance rating, 42% negative ratings and 26% positive ratings.

The survey conducted by the Institute of Peruvian Studies also looked at the level of satisfaction with how the democracy that governs Peru works. 80% of those consulted said they were dissatisfied (50) or very dissatisfied (30), while 16% answered that they were satisfied (13) or very satisfied (3).

(With info from Prensa Latina)

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