The Polish opposition announces a coalition to form the government

Polina Hennig Kloska, Vice President of Poland 2050, indicated that the coalition agreement has already been drawn up and only needs to be approved by party leaders, digital newspaper reported.

When asked about the content of the arrangement to form an alliance, the Vice President was completely reserved. The Polish politician said, in an interview via the digital platform, that the contract includes many important issues, such as defense and security, and will be presented to citizens as soon as the two parties decide to do so.

Poland 2050 Vice President Michal Kobusko also noted that next year’s budget will be very limited and that not all proposals of the opposition program can be implemented, reported.

Experts explain that the development of the coalition agreement should also be viewed in the context of the 2025 presidential elections, Polish newspaper Wyborcza reported.

Last October 15, Polish citizens elected a new lineup for Parliament: the ruling Law and Justice Party received 35.38% of the votes, and the liberal Civic Platform Party received 30.70 points.

Thus, the party of President Andrzej Duda loses its absolute majority and has no hope of forming a coalition, according to the press in the capital.

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