The player shares how from the fireplace of Link’s house in Breath of the Wild we can see the four divine monsters – Nintenderos

Last March, it was four years since The Legend of Zelda: A Breath of the Wild It was released on Wii U and Nintendo Switch. All this time, many players from all over the world have been trying and experimenting with different actions in the game, trying to discover everything that its amazing open world hides.

Sure, most of the people who have played it already know most of the secrets this awesome title holds, but it’s always interesting to discover details that might have been overlooked in their days. Today we give you an example.

Reddit username mxomn1Interesting fact about Link’s house, Hatelia. It turns out our hero’s home has been located in the most bizarre place on the map, ever since Climbing the chimney, Link can see the four divine beasts from one point.

You can see it below:

Great detail that I just ran through. You can see all four divine beasts from above the chimney in Link’s house. from Soul_from_wilderness

In fact it’s something that anyone who would consider doing could see, but certainly not many of you know this curiosity. This has led some Reddit users to question whether Nintendo purposely chose this spot for Link’s humble home.

what do you think? Do you know these strange details?


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