The path that Urtasuns dreamed of has become a reality

AIT is three letters, plus three initials that belong to it Alex, Inaki and Tximithe brothers Ortasun oriz. AIT brings together the expertise put at the service of basketball because AIT gives its name to the sports center that appears behind the door of a warehouse in the Torres de Elorz industrial area: IT Sport Centre.

It is an old metal company inside which were hidden all the needs that the Urtasuns were looking for to form their idea, an idea that arose from their own needs, from their knowledge that they now put at the service of those who play basketball although the conditions of the center make it versatile for practicing other sports, in addition There is a gym equipped with the purest style of CrossFit equipment.

As he explains Alex Urtasun Oriz The facility, with an area of ​​approximately one thousand square metres, is divided into an area dedicated to practicing sports, specifically with a basketball court and a half with five baskets, where goals can be placed; The gymnasium, down the track, a multi-purpose hall for meetings, for example, and changing rooms. “It offers individual and group training and is a center where you can improve performance as an athlete. Initially, the focus was more on the group but we also believe it is a facility that can help you individually. We have tried to combine both possibilities,” he says.

The three Urtasun brothers took charge of the sports center, which they would run themselves. The business has already started with one of its potential clients: basketball teams. At AIT they already conduct their training courses Oasis building, from LF Challenge; Women’s team The Second National of Urdu Or the Basket Aranguren Motelfrom LF2.

Need for tracks

Pope Ortasun, the eldest of the three, explains how the idea came about. “At Ardoi, with the women’s team and the EBA team, I have been looking for training paths for about eight or nine years. There is no way to find or get good working hours or professional tenure. It is an idea that has always been in our minds. In the summer too, my brothers Here, we tried to train and the municipal facilities were closed. “There was nothing to do for this summer preparation which seems so important to us,” says the older brother.

The location was determined by the need to find a warehouse to house the sports centre. “We were looking for a facility with a series of requirements. It had to be open plan, giving us the possibility of having a formal court that was part multi-purpose, which we thought would give us plenty of play, and a gym next to it. We saw it was close to several municipalities, and is easily accessible from different points which is why we chose it. “We really like the natural light it has, the height, and it feels like a very complete centre,” he says. Teksemi Ortasun.

It is a new center, and there is hardly any similarity to any center in Spain, but in Europe and especially in the United States. “It is not easy to find. Now there are starting to become more. We have not found any combination that combines the three legs that we have here. We are now starting to see more basketball academies but they are not the most common. The player is trained in clubs. It is true that there are more outside Spain. In the United States there are many. When I went to play in France, every team had a training center in this style. This exists on a mandatory basis. “In the UK there are also quite a few academies,” says Alex Urtasun.

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Individual work

Teksemi Ortasun He points out that the American model places great importance on the individual work of players outside the dynamics of their teams. “This is the way things are improving, but it is not widespread in Spain. Our idea is to combine the American style with our own character and what has already been done, which is team training.

he IT Sport Centre It can be used by “everyone who exercises” and those who have problems finding facilities. “The center is more specialized in basketball, which is what interests us. It is designed for those teams that are looking for more complementary paths of their own or that do not have their own paths; for those players who train with their team and then can only do it on the street; people who They need a gym but also have a track nearby that makes it easier for them to train for other types of tests; Bob describes associations and other sports such as handball or indoor soccer.

“Our experience, almost twenty years of work, tells us that it might be a good idea to help people here, to teach children from the grassroots, to people who are looking for performance, who want to become professionals… in Pamplona,” adds Texemi Urtasun. Anyone who wants to become a professional in football has a tagonar. In basketball, this does not happen. “We would like this center to specialize in basketball.” “It is the facility we would have liked to have when we started,” Bob concludes.

The three brothers, Ortasun Oriz, Bob, 42, and twins Alex and Txemi, 39, almost dedicated themselves to basketball out of obligation. He met his parents, Iñaki and Alicia, thanks to the sport. Pope Urtasun retired this past season with Megacalzado Arduy, a team in the EBA League. Txemi and Álex are still active. They are both professionals with more than twelve seasons in the ACB, the highest category in national basketball: Taksimy, fifteen years old, and Alex, fourteen years old. All three play the shooting guard position. Txemi finished last season with Ourense, of LEB Oro, after being promoted the previous year with Girona to the ACB. Alex participated in the Class 1 qualifiers with Lleida last season. Pope Ortasun finished his sports career in the 5×5 race. “I have 3×3 left,” he joked. His two brothers say they don’t “feel retired,” although the commitment they gained at the sports center means priority. “We are not retired but it is true that we have to weigh more things than we had to do before creating this business,” says Alex. “Mentally I don’t see myself as retired. I would like to play this course but it is rather short,” adds Txemi. “I managed to do last season: play from February, and before that there is something complicated. At the moment we have the perfect place to stay fit. “We will be here, that is our priority.”


name IT Sport Centre.

location Torres de Ellors Industrial Area, Ventas Street, 38.

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Services The 1,000 square meter area is divided into an official-sized basketball court, accompanied by another half with three baskets, a gym and a multi-purpose room.

Where to find information You can contact the promoters by calling 648467661 and soon on the website

Upcoming initiatives For the month of October, technical training courses will be launched (from 4 to 7 p.m.), in addition to the possibility of subscribing to use the gym (from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.). The center is also open on weekends upon request.

Two phrases from leaders such as Kobe Bryant and Stephen Curry were painted on the walls of the center: “You have to dare to be great” or “Success is not a coincidence, success is a choice,” respectively.

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