The operation in Morena is an example of democratic practice, the President emphasizes

Alonso Urrutia and Arturo Sanchez

La Jornada newspaper
Friday, September 8, 2023, p. 3

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador described the process of electing who will chair the defense committees of the Fourth Transformation as… An example of democratic practice, which is unprecedented. After publishing the results of the polls, he confirmed: As I said from the beginning, I support Claudia Sheinbaum. He showered her with praise for her honesty and willingness, concluding that the result made him happy that there had been a generational change. I am very calm because I know that there will be continuity with change.

He also had words for Marcelo Ebrard, whom he identified as He is a very good person, a good leader, a good government employee, he is my friend. I hope he decides to support the transition. But he acknowledged that he is free to choose any path, including the possibility of being an independent presidential candidate, because that alternative exists through collecting signatures, a scenario in which it will be necessary to consider who it will influence.

At his conference, he devoted a large part of the electoral process, criticizing those who are already wringing their hands over the potential split in their movement, because “they do not realize where Marcelo has the greatest appeal: in the middle classes. In one of them, Claudio’s candidate comes in third and fourth place. Now, what do you do for me? cucando“.

A long reference to the outcome of his successor in office, which despite Ebrard’s disagreement, the president did not anticipate problems within the movement, and insisted at various times on waiting for the appropriate time to decide who would be within his government. He pointed out that the rules of the process take into account the inclusion of the second-placed person in the next government or in the Senate.

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– Do you agree with Marcelo Ebrard’s position to repeat the operation?

– No, I do not agree to it, because it is very clear, completely transparent, and there was no tipping the scales in anyone’s favor. I have principles, ideals, I don’t have double talk, honesty is what I consider most important in my life, and he knows that, as everyone knows.

Lopez Obrador emphasized that imposing and fingering is the age The president, in turn, decides his successor. Regarding the process in which Sheinbaum was handed over the new leadership, he expressed satisfaction with the calls for unity made by various actors, especially Claudia, who said the doors were open and she wouldn’t approach anyone.

For the president, the main thing is to think about the people, about justice, about the fact that this country cannot belong to a greedy minority; Racism and classism disappear. Expel corruption from Mexico. “This is the project, this is the important thing (…) and above all, it is not the position, but the system, the project.” Although he was reluctant to provide details of his meeting with Sheinbaum, governors and party leaders (since he considered it possible to hold the meeting – which eventually became private – at the Monument to the Revolution, the Zocalo or the Juarez cyclone), he announced that he would finish his performance yesterday As the leader of the movement, he handed the baton to the former head of the capital’s government.

Now I devote myself, the time I lack, entirely to continuing to promote programs for the benefit of the people, social welfare programs; To finish business, continue to govern for everyone, care for everyone, listen to everyone, and respect everyone, even our opponents.

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