“The One” comes with a story of ideal couples and DNA

Friday 12 Netflix To launch a new global science fiction series, consisting of 8 chapters, made in the United Kingdom and based on John Mars’ novel “Eres Tu”, as “the one”Under the premise: What if we could find the perfect match through genetic studies?

Produced by Urban Myth Films and Studiocanal, with the idea and script of Howard Overman, the British TV writer who has presented dramas such as Hotel Babylon, Harley Street and Merlin, “The One” contains, in addition to science fiction, everything you should be able to categorize on It is an action movie.

In The One someone will come to sell people a “fairy tale”. And after the desire for an ideal life, misfortunes will occur. The story takes place in five minutes in the future, in a world where there is a DNA test to find the perfect partner, the only person who could be passionately loved thanks to a genetic predisposition.

The platform summary says, “No matter how good our relationship was, no one could say they never wondered if the perfect person existed. What if a sample of hair is all it takes to find it? The idea is simple, but the implications of that are love.” Exploding and relationships will never be the same again.

Head of the cast Hannah Weir, Like Rebecca, ambitious and driven CEO and founder of MatchDNA, the company that unites people with soulmates. How does his acting partner show to the “Riviera” actor Dmitry Leonidas.

Casting is completed by Stephen Campbell-Moore, Wilf Skolding, Diarmid Mortag, Luis Shimba, Eric Covey Abriva, Pallavi Sharda, Zoe Taber, Albano Geronimo and Greg Chillin, directed by Jeremy Lovring, Catherine Morsehead and Brady Hood.

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About the author of the original novel, which was released in 2017, John Mars, We can say that A freelance journalist based in London, England, has spent the past 20 years interviewing celebrities from the world of television, film and music for newspapers and magazines. He has written for The Guardian’s Guide and Guardian Online; Okay! Magazine, Total Movie, Empire, Q, GT, The Independent, Estrella, Daily Star, News of the World’s Sunday Magazine, among others.


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