The omnipotent Amazfit is the only watch you can pay with

Amazfit has many watches that have so far promised to have NFC technology, but the truth is that if you want to buy in Spanish stores, you will realize that there is only one model with which you can pay in supermarkets, companies and wherever you want. Your wrist comfortably. he Amazfit Balance is an NFC-enabled watch Which meets everything you need to make your payments comfortably and securely from your wrist in our country and you can buy it for just over 200 euros.

And that’s not the only thing this Amazfit watch offers you, as it has many health and sports options, notifications, and more. Everything you need for your day to day. Its sensors are accurate to give you reliable results and help you in your daily life. Plus, with Zepp Pay, you can control your well-being, your schedule and your finances from a single device.

In addition to paying with your wrist, it lets you see 4 health metrics with one touch, has personalized training templates, monitors your sleep, helps you relax, and has 150+ sports modes. Besides, It has a battery life of up to 14 days Or 47 hours in automatic GPS mode. Although the best part is the payment via the wrist, which you must activate from the watch app by doing what we tell you below.

Pay without contact by activating the option on your Amazfit

It is Zepp Pay that will help you Pay comfortably with the Amazfit scale, one of the contactless payment solutions you would like to try. Thanks to the cooperation with Mastercard, you can add up to 8 cards to your Amazfit watch. Payments are password protected to make them completely secure, so it is important that you set up your own password.

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To form a Access code and activate payments using your card You should go to the Zepp application:

Zip Amazfit formerly

Zip Amazfit formerly

  1. Go to profile
  2. Go to My devices
  3. Choose Amazfit Credit
  4. Click on Clock settings
  5. Add your Mastercard
  6. Refers to card information.
  7. Acceptance of terms and conditions

If this is not possible at your bank, you can register using a Curve account, but don’t worry because it is very easy and safe. It is possible that over time New countries and bank accounts are being added. At the moment, this is the only watch that has NFC technology and allows you to pay in Spanish stores and other countries. Other models have stopped advertising that they have NFC technology even though they are equipped with it because they do not allow you to pay in bars, restaurants, supermarkets and other businesses as the Amazftit Balance does.

Amazfit scale

Amazfit scale

*Prices were updated at the time this article was published or revised. It may vary over time.

this The watch is one of the great developments of the brand. For its multiple functions, including contactless payment. It is possible that at some point other models will be added to the brand, although this is the only one at the moment. Considering everything it offers you other than this interesting function, it is undoubtedly a very impressive smartwatch that will take this year by storm.

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