The official video of the Argentine national team defending the Copa America with Lionel Messi at the helm

Lionel Scaloni has been described as a hero and a text with political connotations. These two themes emerge in the official video with which the Argentine national team anticipates, this Sunday, the Copa America dispute, where it will go to win its 16th star in the oldest national team tournament in the world. It will be in the United States and, in a play on words, he stressed that it is necessary for us all to be “united” to try to add another title to this positive streak for the Albiceleste.

The story intersects with the national weeks that Argentina celebrates at this time. “More than 200 years ago, we united and became independent. Thus began the history of one of the best countries in the world…”“, says the presenter while reviewing photos from those years.

“Who would have thought that after 200 years, someone coming from this small town would create such a great union?”The video clip highlights the moment in which Scaloni appears, leaning on the bench, wearing the jacket and badges usually worn by army generals.

The football innuendos did not stop there, because the comparisons arrived immediately, which also had a political overtone. “Uniting those on the left with those on the right; those in the center with the extremes; and those who live in the countryside with those who live in the city,” he explained in the first part where he depicted Gio Lo Celso, Nahuel Molina, Coti Romero and Nico Gonzalez, from Among other things.

Then go to Scalonetta’s references. “We bring together General (Otamendi) with Commander (Messi), who draws (McAlister) with El Dipo (Martinez), the bull (Lautaro Martinez) with the spider (Julián Alvarez), and the egg (Acuña).” ) with pasta (di maria); We combine the engine (De Paul) and the steering wheel (Enzo Fernandez); We pride ourselves on being a country with open doors, uniting the interior with those coming from the outside.” Close this section, with Alejandro Garnacho As the protagonist who chooses to be Argentine because of his mother’s nationality.

“In Argentina, everything good happens when we unite. That is why, today we are more united than ever before in the United States.”He concluded the statement published on the official accounts of the Argentine national team.

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