The Nun 2: First Trailer for the New Movie in the “The Conjuring” Universe

New Line Cinema has released the trailer for horror movie “The Nun 2,” the next chapter in the saga of “The Nun,” the highest-grossing movie in the $2 billion blockbuster “Conjuring” universe.

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The nun 2 It is a continuation of the 2018 story that he directed Corinne Hardy, and brings back to the screen the character of Valack, the demon nun. Although it was previously seen in incantation 2while the Warrens head to the UK to investigate one of the most controversial cases faced by a couple fighting the forces of evil. This new film takes place in 1956 in France, the country where a priest was assassinated. Thus, it is perceived that evil is spreading. The worldwide smash hit sequel follows Sister Irene as she once again comes face to face with Valack. As seen in the trailer, one of the seminary students goes to Sister Irene because she has a bad feeling about the perceived energy in the institution, which will lead a character Taissa Farmiga To win again against this demonic being.

Taissa Farmiga Returns as Sister Erin, along with Jonas BloquetAnd Storm ReedAnd Anna Popplewell And Bonnie Aaronssurrounded by a group of international talents. Michael Chavez (Incantation: The devil made me do it) directs, from text by Ian Goldberg Richard Ning And Akeelah Cooperwith a story by Cooper, based on the characters he created James Wan And Gary Doberman. Peter Safran’s The Safran Production Company and James Wan’s Atomic Monster, continuing their collaboration as directors on all of Safran’s previous films. dictation.

The nun 2 It is scheduled to be released in the United States on September 8, 2023, and internationally on September 6, 2023.

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