The number of foreign players decreased for the fourth consecutive year | Sports

New York Over 28% of Major League Baseball players were born outside of the 50 states in the United States, which is a decline for the fourth consecutive season, although it is a particularly minor decline.

MLB reported Friday that on the first day of the regular season, there were 256 foreign players out of a total of 906 players making up the campus, the injured lists, the restricted player list and the absence of paternity list.

The Dominican Republic topped the list with 98 players, down from 110 last year, as the list expanded. Venezuela followed with 64 players and Cuba with 19 players.

The Houston Astros ranked the largest number of players born outside of the 50 states, by 15, ahead of Minnesota and San Diego (14 each) and Miami (13).

The ratio was 28.3, down from 28.4% last year, when the active player limit was expanded from 25 to 30 during the pandemic before adjusting to the new normal rate of 26 this year.

The highest rate recorded was 29.8 in 2017, then it decreased to 29% in 2018 and to 29.5% in 2019.

Puerto Rico was the country with the fourth largest number of baseball players in the major league with a score of 18, followed by Mexico (11), Canada (10), Japan (eight), Colombia (six), Curaçao (five), and South Korea (four). Panama (two), Aruba, Australia and the Bahamas; Brazil, Germany, Honduras, The Netherlands, Nicaragua and Taiwan (with one each).

Miami Jazz Shortstop Chisholm became the first Bahamian player to appear in the opening roster since MLB began setting records.

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