The New York Times calls for US senators to convict Trump in an impeachment trial

Various extremist and fundamentalist forces stormed the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Photo: AFP

The newspaper’s editorial board The New York Times today called on US Senators to convict former President Donald Trump in an impeachment trialTo instigate the January 6 attack on the Capitol.

The newspaper repeated the arguments presented by the directors of the indictment this week that a similar event “could happen again” unless the Republican politician receives the appropriate judgment.

In an article published on Saturday, The Times reported that by voting to convict Trump, Senators shouldn’t just be interested in the events of January 6When a crowd of Trump supporters looted the US Congress, “they acted with vigilant eyes to protect the nation’s future.”

The influential New York newspaper said that House directors this week “delivered a devastating condemnation” by detailing the former president’s efforts to undermine and cancel free and fair elections.

Meanwhile, according to the newspaper, Trump’s legal team has not presented a coherent defense, stating that his statements before the mob attack are protected under the First Amendment.

Exempting the former president for the White House’s assault on American democracy would call for more attempts of this kind, on his part and other potential autocrats, and the stakes could not be greater, so voting with impunity is an act. Of complicity. -Add your own text.

Trump faces impeachment from the House of Representatives accusing him of inciting disobedience with his repeated allegations without any evidence of widespread electoral fraud in the 2020 presidential election..

Following the arguments of the Democratic directors who served as attorneys general this week and the Trump defense team, the process will end on Saturday or Sunday, but according to experts cited by the US media, even though about six Republican senators may indict it. It is almost impossible for 17 of them to do that.

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If the legislators did not condemn him, it would be a heartbreaking waiver of the duty of the nation, since the former president had implied an attack on another similar branch of the same government; The text concludes that his behavior should not be justified because he is no longer the president, at least if the Republican Party hopes that it is more than just a vehicle for a toxic personality cult.

Trump impeachment: Defense concludes by describing accusations as “political revenge” and “flagrantly violating the constitution”

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