The new Xbox console design has been filtered

The idea of ​​having a file New Xbox controller It doesn’t look crazy at all. Over the past two years, Microsoft has released a few compelling console options for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. That number is set to increase with a new design later this week, as did reputable Microsoft @ALumia_Italia on Twitter. Share a photo of the new Mineral Camo design.

This officially licensed wireless controller features a pure blue design that is sure to appeal to many Xbox fans. The images originally come from a listing from retailer Microplay, who also shared the September 27 release date. Although the Microplay ad is no longer active, an image of the new Xbox console, Mineral Camo, can be found. secondly, Deathloop appeared in the list of most played games thanks to Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

Credits: @ALumia_Italy

New Xbox controller

The Reception for the new Xbox console seems pretty strong so far. However, given the huge number of console options available for the console, it’s hard to say how many users would jump on that skin. Xbox has done a good job of offering a wide range of console options, including the current crop of wireless controllers, Elite controllers, backward compatible Xbox One controllers, and even custom options available through the Xbox Design Lab.

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But for those who are looking for something new, this new Xbox console is definitely a stylish choice. Although it’s hard to believe, it’s been almost two years since the Xbox Series X was launched | S. New controls have also expanded the brand with designs and options that get better every day. New order design Mineral Camo leaked by Tweet from @Alumia_Italia.

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