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newly We announce WhatsApp is working on a new tool that will allow you to create a user name, Which means if you wish you can hide your number because it will not be necessary to share it to communicate with a specific person. The aforementioned feature is still under development and is not related to the new feature that we will mention today, what is new now?

WhatsApp just launched a new feature that allows you to hide your number

This new feature is the group ads feature on WhatsApp. As we know, the members in the ad group were not visible, except for the administrators, thus protecting the number of each member. However, the members were also unable to interact in any way as the number would be revealed if that was the case. Now WhatsApp finally offers us a solution, an extra privacy layer has been added that will keep the numbers hidden even if you interact.

As reported by the specialized media WABetaInfoThanks to this feature, the phone number will remain hidden even when adding a reaction to a message in ad groups. This feature was available to a very limited group of users, but is finally starting to roll out to more people. In the following screenshot, you can see how a new option found in the Community ad group info called “Phone Number Privacy” has been implemented.

Credit: WABetaInfo.

If you enter “phone number privacy” within the ad group, you will be alerted that your phone number is visible only to community admins and other people who have saved it as contacts. If you are an admin, your number will still be visible and the alert in this case will also indicate that it will continue to be shown in the chat.

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Important: This new feature is limited to a community ad group only, and your phone number will be hidden from other participants as long as they haven’t registered your contact. Also, it should be noted that the community manager’s phone number is always visible.

As for the feature mentioned at the beginning, it is a bit different, this feature which is still under development will allow users to choose unique usernames for their accounts. Thanks to this feature, users will be able to configure a unique username by which they can be identified in the future, which means that they will not rely solely on the number; When you want to search for a contact, you can do so simply by entering their username. This feature is still under development and will be available for a future update i.e. it is not visible in the accounts yet.

These new privacy features are important as users will be able to interact without revealing their phone numbers. For now, it is limited to members of communities, although later it may be a general feature of the app.

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