The new version of Android Auto includes one of the most anticipated features


Android Auto notifications are about to get better thanks to a useful feature: quick replies.

Although several months have passed from your adThe Finally, quick answers will be available on Android Auto. Google’s Android-based vehicle platform offers the ability to Get smart suggestions on messages, making replying faster and easier, without having to dictate or type a message.

The Smart responses in Android Auto Available from the latest beta version of the app, which was released through Google Play under version 7.6.1215.

Android Auto will include a very useful new feature: quick replies in notifications.

Quickly respond to messages with Android Auto thanks to this new feature

as we were able See screenshots shared by 9to5googleSmart Android Auto suggestions will appear Inside the notification card. In addition to Smart SuggestionsThere is also an option dictate a personal response.

In cars with touch screen, this is possible Reply to a message simply by clicking on the desired suggestion. In other cases, simply point and click using the car’s manual controls. It is without a doubt the most convenient function, which avoids having to spend too much time answering messages while driving.

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This functionality is published, and the first users who will be able to enjoy it will be those who have the trial version of the application installed. The rest will have to wait for it to be integrated into the stable version of Android Auto, something that shouldn’t take several days to happen.

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