The new UK experience in Colombia: Building Eden – Environment – Life

President Ivan Duque announced the creation of a Eden Project In the meta section, the first of its kind in South America. It is located around a search center and Concern for the Environment, headquartered in Cornwall, UK, to be built in a department dead.

“If one wants people to protect biodiversity, we have to build spaces where pedagogy and human senses communicate with nature.”, explained the president from Glasgow, Scotland.

The main idea of ​​the center will be to publicize Colombian biodiversity For the world, and with that in mind, get to know it and keep it. The reason for this section of dead For its construction, it is a natural corridor that connects important areas of the country’s relief; Part of the Andean jungle, plains and Amazon jungle.

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“We want the Eden project to be built in Colombia so that millions of visitors come to this place, learn about the species of the country and how to protect them. I am convinced that this initiative is what we need to protect biodiversity. What is unknown is not protected”
President Duque reassured.

as is, in Eden Research, education and conservation will be conducted, but it is also expected to open up space for sustainable economic models, such as tourism activities, that benefit the residents of the area. Eastern plains.

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“We are excited to begin this journey of discovery together to explore the creation of Project Eden in Colombia (…) a country with enormous natural wealth and one of the most diverse countries in the world, as well as having diverse cultures and a vast history”, highlighted the CEO of Eden Project International, David Harland.

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It should be noted that The Ministry of Environment It will invest about $1,282 million to achieve this initiative, which consists of two phases, the first phase ending on December 31 and the second lasting for five months and starting in January 2022.

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“The UK is committed to continuing to work with Colombia. The strong partnership between our two countries seeks to secure the future of Colombia’s wonderful lands and oceans, to promote sustainable peace and prosperity for the entire country, which is of vital importance to us. Our common future”, highlighted the UK’s Minister for the Environment and Future of the Pacific, Lord Zach Goldsmith.

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