The new PS4 bug could render the console obsolete

In recent days a serious firmware issue has surfaced for Playstation 4 It makes it impossible to play both physical and digital games. Specifically, it is a firmware bug that, by default, may render your console completely unusable and there is currently no final solution.

What is happening exactly? See , PS4 It contains an internal component called a stack CFOSWhich, over time, depletes and deteriorates. This part of the console is responsible for playing games and unlocking trophies, so once it runs out, it won’t be possible to unlock any kind of content.

The simplest solution is to replace it, but, unfortunately, this is not possible. Even if this component can be replaced, it will require a firmware update from Sony So it works one hundred percent. The good news is that this problem is not very common, and to be honest, the chances of it occurring are minimal. So much so, that it is more possible than you PS4 It decomposes with anything other than this.

How do you know if you have this problem? In addition, it is clear that you will not be able to open any game or application, you will be received with the following message:


At the time of writing, Sony He did not comment on this. But as I said before, the likelihood of your PS4 being affected by this is very low, so don’t worry too much.


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