The Nation/United States of America guarantees the support of Paraguay’s institutions to strengthen the rule of law

This Wednesday, the US Ambassador to Paraguay, Mark Ostfeld, met with the person appointed to be the next Attorney General, Emiliano Rulon Fernandez. The US delegate noted that during the meeting, the US government seeks to endorse its support for Paraguay’s institutions with the aim of continuing to contribute to strengthening the rule of law in the country.

The United States remains committed to supporting Paraguay’s institutions in promoting the rule of law and equal justice. It was a pleasure to speak with Dr. Emiliano Rolon, Attorney General-elect, about current and future cooperation, Ostfeld also expressed on his Twitter account, hinting at the dialogues that are already taking place with the incoming Chief of the Public Ministry for the benefit of bilateral relations between the United States and Paraguay.

Emiliano Rulon Fernandez will take ownership of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in March of this year, replacing current Attorney General Sandra Quinez. The person elected as the next Chief of Public Prosecutions has already had various conversations with Dr. QuiƱonez to familiarize himself with the working procedures of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, as well as to establish a successful transfer of functions prior to their formal incarnation.

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In this line of operations dealt with, Dr. Rulon requested the support of QuiƱonez to carry out the transfer of command, initiation of first class work and oversight for the Public Prosecutor’s Office with a view to making an assessment of the current state of the institution and thus being framed in the needs or actions to be taken once he takes over as State Prosecutor .

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In the midst of his work to “put the house in order”, the next Chief Public Prosecutor also met with the Senate’s General Secretariat, requesting documents such as the 2023 National Budget to analyze the situation that the Public Prosecutor’s Office meets. With this, Rulon indicated that it is necessary to know what to demand and what aspects to improve within the organization.

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