The Museum of Natural Sciences “Lorenzo Scaglia” is progressing in the works to ensure accessibility

The Municipal Museum of Natural Sciences “Lorenzo Scaglia”, located in Piazza del España, has reopened and houses an important museum Renovation and expansion of exhibition spaces and exhibitions planned for this season. It can be visited without the need for previous shifts from Wednesday to Sunday from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Among the most significant developments are the accessibility improvements that have been made to the building to make the construction of a state institution best compliant with and compliant with the provisions of the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Law 26,378). To achieve these results, we worked in an interdisciplinary manner on a mission that also extends to other municipal museums.

on this point, Gabriela Pujol, Director of Municipal Space, explained that “Today we can say that the Museum of Natural Sciences is accessible so that all people with mobility impairments can reach every corner, through ramps and lifts, and thus have access to scientific knowledge“.

The museum will also display an innovative and comprehensive series of infographics and signage to enhance public communication. In addition, in the coming months, a magnetic ring will be enabled in the hall and tactile replicas for people with visual impairments of the highlights of each exhibition will be added, as well as QR Code readers containing information about all exhibitions in multiple formats as text, audio and video files in a language Argentine sign. Prototypes of tactile signage in braille and high-altitude macros will be added to these novelties.

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Museum staff have conducted various trainings on accessibility in cultural spaces, a mission coordinated by the Ministry of Culture and with the participation of EMTUR and CILSA ONG, which aims to achieve improvements in the care of the various audiences visiting them.

Likewise, from next week there will be performances for all audiences with artists from Mar del Plata. The exhibition “Biophilia” by the distinguished plastic artist Martina Estrada will open on Tuesday, January 11th, in the framework of a joint work with the Fares Al-Taie Center for the Arts.

Regarding the novelties that he will present, the director of the museum stated that “visitors will be able to visit the various proposals of geology, palaeontology, current vertebrates, and a large structure in the aquarium representing the megalithic reefs of the province of Buenos Aires. The importance of the museum lies in the preservation of the natural heritage of our city and the region because our neighbors And our visitors will connect with our natural reality to learn about and protect it.”

“All the repairs and work done by the Museum’s aquarium and the Museum’s taxidermy crew are appreciated in this new proposal. We must mention the professionalism of all those involved in this renovation. We confirm the commitment of the aquarium staff to place all the exhibits,” concluded Pujol.

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