The MTB World Championships start today with a Downhill race

UCI Masters Mountain Bike World Championship Today the premiere will take place in the demanding Kamikaze Arena and its first champions in one of two modes of competition. La otra, the cross country olímpico, disputará sus finales el sábado y domingo y también se desarrollarán en la base del Cerro Bayo, en Villa La Angostura que por segunda vez consecutiva trae este campeonato a la provincia with cerca de mil riders que coparon la Villa this week.

The Downhill or DH that will be run on Friday consists of a A downhill race with competitors set off on a charted road between hills and requires a lot of technical expertise to master the roll. And a better physical condition for the competitors as they must maneuver the prepared bikes only to enter a spiral from where the participants can reach the start by rising.

The test will take place on a kamikaze circuit, namely One of the most recognized in the world is of South American origin Which has already hosted the Pan American Championships in 2007 and 2019.

Runners from Germany, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Spain, France, Guatemala, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Paraguay, Peru, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Uruguay and Venezuela will attend the event. Participation this year in addition to national and local representatives.

In the last edition, also held at the foot of the Cerro Bayou, the Ecuadorean Mario Garín and the Argentine Lourdes de la Ordine won the Master A major category (age 35 to 39). The latter, a native of the province of Tucumán, noted in the pre-show: “I am very eager to compete. These past few days the head has only been working in global mode. I have been training every day for several months with the aim of repeating what happened last year. This year I’m going to start in the two disciplines again: Downhill and Cross Country, last year I was 4th and I hope this year I get to the podium, it will be a dream. Obviously, I will do everything I can to defend my DH title,” he said.

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Last year Oscar Pellegrina from Neuquén Achieved a podium finish in the Master B2 class (45 to 49 years old) from relegation.

Yesterday afternoon the cyclists finished their last leg of training under a good day and this Friday it will be their turn to hit the track although the scenario may change since then. announce rain.

The activity will start at 11:45 am with qualifying rounds, finals from 2:30 pm and awards ceremony from 5 pm. Saturday and Sunday will be the turn of the Olympic cross-country races.

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