The Most Important Exercise To Stay In Shape, According To Harvard University

What can you say is The most important exercise Keep fit when you grow up? You might think so that powerwhich is that a good muscular system ensures greater mobility and the ability to get up and move the body in the coming decades.

However, although Harvard I recommend this type of training too He explained What is there Another important exercise to keep fitalthough you might not consider it an exercise per se.

Do you spend the necessary time to stretch? Because these are exactly the ones that experts recommend. Stretching well after exercise does not help you relax your muscles, prevent pain, and recover better from physical activity. Stretching should have its own day, and it should be Include specific routine So After heating and cooling the body.

According to Harvard University, a good stretching routine allows for this Muscles remain flexible, healthy and strong, to avoid So over time they are shortened and tightened and there is a greater risk of pain Joint or muscle damage.

Even those who don’t exercise regularly should do regular stretching, since The Lack of movement can lead to Later problems Such as pulling the hamstrings until it is difficult to straighten the leg and there is difficulty in walking.

According to Harvard recommendations, The most important stretching areas Regularly they are: The lower limbs (calves, hamstrings, pelvic muscles, and quadriceps), lower backneck and shoulders.

And although it is advisable to do a lengthening program every day, if this is not possible, then at least we should try Follow some routine 3 or 4 times a week.

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